Student Section

Student Section


Old Tool, New Tricks

Sharpie permanent markers are one of the most iconic office supplies ever made. However, as we progress further into a paperless world, Sharpies and other writing utensils are no longer a necessity. We used comedy and street art to keep the Sharpie brand current and on the minds of young professionals.




Sharpie Street Art

We partnered with FECAL FACE DOT COM and invited famous street artists like ROA, Jeremy Fish and Apex to tag up dull outdoor boards and transform them into works of art using only Sharpies.



Welcome to Popcorn, Indiana

Popcorn, Indiana needed a fun way to make their delicious, popcorn snacks a crave-able household favorite. We decided to use social media to create an active online community based out of an imaginary town. Welcome to Popcorn, Indiana.